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Clairvoyantly looking at the abortion topic

When I look at the energy around the abortion topic in the United States, this is what I notice when I look at the topic through through the lens of the anatomy of the 1st chakra containing three parts: 1. the part containing the energies presently creating the chakra, 2. the part containing the history of the chakra, and 3. the part containing the chakra's relationship with the body. I am looking at the 1st chakra as a representation of the collective energies of the United States about the topic of abortion.

1. In the creative present time aspect of the chakra, there is red energy representing powerful feminine energy. It has a quality of force, change, and warmth. It is vital, fierce, and compassionate in standing in integrity. There is also white energy here representing some feminine energy that is afraid of standing up for themselves given being previously demeaned and invalidated by ignorant masculine energy. The red energy is encouraging of the white energy to join its power and "heartfulness." Parts of the white energy displayed wildness and liberation with the red energy's encouragement and camaraderie. I also see a pale white energy that represents feminine ignorance as an effect of feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated by the topic. 2. In the part of the 1st chakra that carries the historical energies related to this topic of abortion in the United States, I see dense black and brown energies. The black is rage and ignorance, not knowing what to do about abortion and rage about having limited resources available. The brown energy represents masculine derision about the needs of all genders about what to do with unwanted pregnancy. Underneath the brown energy is misunderstanding, lack of knowledge, and fear of appearing weak.

3. In the part of the 1st chakra that carries information about the chakra's connection with the body, I see agony...the agony of destroying the pregnancy, the pain of hurting the body in the process, the loneliness related to keeping secrets, the shame of not feeling accepted by oneself and other, the overwhelm about not knowing what to do to support the body, and self-hatred associated with self-blame and regret.

Now I will do some healing for what I saw in the 1st chakra aspect of the topic on Abortion in the United States. I notice that the healing I find myself offering is of holding presence for the 1st chakra, watching it be like a thousand furious storms irrevocably transforming the environment, sweeping up the white fear in welcoming arms and transforming the fear into wild love: powerful, apt, pointed, and all-encompassing...joining the red power of the heart in alignment with the dignity and sanctity of the body. A wave of black energy representing injustice swirls out of the chakra opening up more space for the feminine to be and to have sovereignty of their own bodies. I notice another black energy swirling out of the chakra that represents the energy associated with old laws that did not take into account feminine personhood. I see many small swirling vortexes of energy, white and clear, representing creating laws anew in alignment with the basic dignity of the feminine. I see from the historical part of the chakra, mens' voices defending the status quo, bullying the changer--a dense black unforgiving and self-righteous energy. From within the new energies of the chakra, I notice feminine power and masculine supportive energies coalescing into fierce boundaries and demand for change that is aligned with the divine energies associated with their crown chakras. I see the dense black withering and collapsing upon itself, self-destructing, self-liberating, becoming spacious, open, allowing, and neutral. The feminine energy celebrates in victory, a dance of splendorous glittering white energy. The historical part of the chakra reorganizes and aligns with the present creation of hope, life-force energy, heart-opening, and kindness. The chakra is spinning, defying the inertia of the past.